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Intercultural Development Module

Required for all degree-seeking students, the Intercultural Development Module (IDM) is designed to help students develop cross-cultural knowledge, 技能, 和敏感. The IDM framework is initiated in your first year of 神学院 和 continues through your entire program—和 beyond. 你将乘坐 Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) as early as possible in your first year of 神学院, after which you will develop a plan in consultation with 领域的教育 personnel to participate in experiences that will:

  • Enhance your self-awareness of your perspective of cultural interaction 和 engagement
  • Respond to your developmental stage of cultural differences 和 commonalities, 和 work toward growth as needed
  • Set goals to maximize your cross-cultural exposure 和 experiences (campus life, 类, immersion trips such as 欧斯马赛克之旅, personal 和 professional relationships, etc.)

During your final year of 神学院, you will participate with a five to 10 person cohort in a one-day module to reflect on your intercultural development 和 experiences 和 develop a life plan to continue your intercultural competence.